quand après l’infini, l’infini recommence
metal circles, microphones, fishing line, cables, speakers, cushions, full moon
tauzhaus, zurich, switzerland, 2022
3537 org, paris, france, 2022

score of land of eternal delight
mineral pigment : dragon’s blood, shell white lead, carbon,
casein, graphite, fish glue on birch wood
60 cm x 30 cm x 4 cm, 2023

music composition land of eternal delight
score, light and sound installation
exhibition buddha10 at museum of eastern art, turin, italy, 2022-2023

hors loge
vinyl paint on wood and steel
time installation at the moment of hanging the pieces
la fondation fiminco, 2021
photo by martin argyroglo



gathering the light
wood, metal, cotton and linen fabrics, cushion, cassette player, cassette, vase, plant
vinyl paint on wood and steel
time and sound installation, performance
la fondation fiminco, 2021
photos by martin argyroglo

7 remedies for melancoly
speakers, light, instruments, cassette player, cables, cushions, vr headset
sound installation and virtual performance, 2020

microcosm, macrocosm
vinyl and graphite on wood and steel
instrument, cables, speakers
sound installation and performance, 2018

yes, but is it audible?
wood, microphone, tripod, cable, speaker, 2018

poids son
stones on electric organ
76,2 cm x 81,8 cm x 54,2 cm
galerie épisodique, paris, 2016