16.01.2024 sound design and performance for amomento
at galerie les filles du calvaire, paris, france

11.2023 lemaire pistachio collection

25.09.2023 dj and performance for unseen beauty
at dover street parfums market, paris, france

01.09.2023 – 21.09.2023 residency at providenza, corsica, france

05.06.2023 – 03.09.2023 painted music score and sound installation
exhibition buddha10 reloaded at museum of eastern art, turin, italy

26.10.2022 performance at fondation pernod ricard, paris, france

20.10.2022 – 30.09.2023 music composition, sound/light installation
exhibition buddha10 at museum of eastern art, turin, italy

14.10.2022 performance at cinéma bellevaux, lausanne, switzerland

10.09.2022 performance
09.09 – 11.09 2022 solo exhibition at 3537org in paris, france

29.08 – 05.09.2022 haus gawaling
artist residency, mathon, switzerland

26.08.2022 performance at noites de verão
garden of the national museum of contemporary art, lisbon, portual