photo rebekka deubner
Amosphère is a Paris-based composer and multidisciplinary visual artist.

Using a minimalist vocabulary and fictional concrete poetry across diverse practices
– music, painting, poetry, sound installation, performance – her work questions the
atmosphere of cosmological time and space, possibilities of poetic translations from
universe, natural and civilization environment to human perceptions and psycho-physical
effects through sonic and visual actions. By exploring the balance between primary
spirituality and modern culture, analog synthesizers and contemporary technologies,
collected data is translated and transformed into new forms of expression and communication,
inviting the audience to explore the interplay between sound, visuals, and the environment.

She graduated from the Central Saint Martins in London and the École Nationale des
Arts de Paris-Cergy. Her work has been presented in France and internationally at
numerous institutions and festivals, including Salon de Normandy by The Community
in Paris, La Fondation Pernod Ricard in Paris, La Fondation Fiminco in Paris, 3537
org in Paris, Mode Exchange by 33-33 in London, Museum of Oriental Art in Turin,
Tanzhaus in Zurich, among others.