Amosphère is a Paris-based composer and multidisciplinary visual artist. Through diverse pictorial practices, she uses a minimalist vocabulary and fictional concrete poetries to explore the sonority and functionality of immaterial illusions. By playing with combinations between analog synthesizers and contemporary technologies, the music scores — collected datas and visual objects, are translated into sounds, installations and performances that exist both in the physical world and through virtual reality.

In 2017, she was assistant of Japanese composer/visual artist Tomoko Sauvage. After being invited by American musician Laurel Halo to perform at MODE Exchange in London in 2019, Amosphère signed on the English 33-33 label. In 2020, Amosphère started the duo project ATyPtek with French musician/dancer/artist NSDOS, presenting a virtual 3D performance via IRCAM/Pompidou Center in Paris in June, virtual solo performances via Somerset House Studio/Mutant Promise/EBM(T) in London in July. This summer, she was on residency at La Fondation Matrice/Institut de France, and is starting a new residency on Hong Kong community radio HKCR this autumn. She will be performing at Festival Maintenant 2020 in Rennes, then at Salon de Normandy / The Community in October in Paris. Her first solo album will be released soon on 33-33 label.